Puppy Challenge

What is the Puppy Challenge?

The Puppy Challenge is a fun, innovative workshop that teaches you the basics of machine learning on AWS. The goal of this workshop is to build a program that can recognize a puppy in a photo. We will be using AWS services including Amazon Rekognition which lets you identify objects and scenes in images.

Cute doggies

Machine Learning

Machine learning is learning how to perform a task from a collection of examples. Machine learning is all around us and powers tools that we use everyday like Amazon Alexa, language translation, movie recommendations, and driverless cars.

You can use machine learning to detect many things from people to buildings and of course puppies. It does this by using algorithms to learn what objects look like from a collection of photos called a data set.

Today you are going to learn how to use AWS machine learning to make your own model that recognizes puppies. We hope this workshop inspires you to start a journey building amazing technologies that will help change the world for the better.

Cool puppy with sunglasses

Our Goals for Today

  • Train our own Amazon Rekognition model to detect puppies in photographs.
  • Learn about the basic cloud computing skills needed for machine learning.
  • Understand how machine learning and AWS can be used in the future.

Very cute puppy sitting on a grass field