You tell Amazon Rekognition what it needs to learn by creating labels in each photo. To create a puppy label we need to draw a bounding box around the puppy in the photo.

Edit labels

  1. We need to create a label. Choose Add labels and a popup window will appear. Add labels
  2. Choose Add labels and type in Puppy.

  3. When you are done choose Add label.

  4. Choose Save. Add Puppies label

You should see a Puppy label appear in the Filter by labels section.

Assign labels

  1. Choose all the images by selecting the small blue checkbox in each photo. Choose as many photos as you can, the photo background will change to a light blue colour.
  2. Choose Draw bounding box. Select the images
  3. The first time you label photos you might get a popup for Tips for Drawing Bounding Boxes. Read the tips and choose Next until the popup closes.
  4. Use your mouse to draw a bounding box around each puppy. Try to keep the bounding box as close to the puppy as possible.

If there are multiple puppies in a photo, add a bounding box for each puppy. e.g. Four puppies = four bounding boxes.

  1. Choose Next (shift + ->) to move to the next photo. Draw a bounding box
  2. Repeat drawing the bounding box and choosing next through all your pictures.
  3. After you have drawn a box around all the puppies in all the photos, choose Done (shift + d). Choose Done when finished
  4. Choose Save changes
  5. You should see a page filled with puppies and labels. We now need to repeat this process for the rest of your images.
  6. Choose 2 to move to the page 2 of images.
  7. Repeat the process above for all of your images until we label 30 images.

Remember to Save changes after adding a bounding box.

  1. When you are done, choose Exit.

If you exit, you can always come back and add more labels by choosing Start Labelling.

In the next step, we will start training our model.